Swimwear For Little Women

Children are the most carefree creatures in the land; so carefree that you can see them bathe from the sprinklers or *inflated pools* in their backyards. In fact, you can even see these children swim and bathe using stylish swim wears. Accordingly, there’s a growing demand for children’s swim suits, as children want to swim with style in beaches and pools. Today, not only adult men and women can flaunt their bodies with a touch of class in their swim suits. For, there are various designs for children’s swim suits now. Designers are creating more swim wears for kids since they see a potential market in them.

I remember I used to wear only panties whenever I swam in my Bus Bunny inflatable pool in our backyard. At that time, I felt comfortable wearing nothing at all except my printed panties. Of course, I was young and had no inhibitions yet. But when my crush passed by our fence and saw me in panties, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Every time he saw me in panties, he teased me and that left me with enormous embarrassment. I wanted my crush to see me as sexy, not naked in panties. I wished at that time that I had a swimsuit that could catch the attention of my crush. I want a swimsuit like the ones I saw in fashion magazines and TV programs that sexy women wore. But during that time, the only swimsuit for kids, like me, were bathing suits that cost a lot.

During summer my family and I always went to the beach. There was a time when I saw my crush together with his buddies swimming in the beach as well. When he saw me wearing a sleeveless and panty, he laughed at me. At cried that time because I was hurt, embarrassed, and I hated myself. During those moments, I told myself that someday when I have kids, I would give them cute swim wears that will make any boy swoon over them. I swore that I wouldn’t let them experience any humiliation because of the clothes they wear in the beach. As I looked back at that incident, I realized that my love for fashion especially for swim wears was spurred by this certain experience in life.

Nowadays, as I observe most styles and designs of kids’ swim wear, they are becoming more like the styles of swim suit for adults. In fact, there’s not much difference between them except the size and some print design, but nevertheless, in essence they are the same. This shows how trendy and fashionable kids’ swim wear can be. Kids’ swim wear industry does not allow itself to be left behind by other swim wear industries when it comes to the latest trend.

One of the sassy and cute swim wear for girls is Roxy Pacific Princess Tankini – Girls, which combines comfort, function, and style into one perfect swim wear. This is a halter type swim wear with touches of floral prints that make little girls look feminine and exciting. It’s a two piece swim suit that is perfect for backyard pool swimming or at the beach. It will make your ordinary girl turn into a Disney princess in the beach when they wear this suit. Roxy Pacific Princess Tankini – Girls is made of Lycra spandex materials, which makes the suit stretchable and perfect for any beach activities. One of the great features of this suit is that it is light weight and form fitting that can definitely give curves and comfort to your little girls. You can also use the washing machines when washing these suits. Now, you don’t have to worry that your machine will eat up your daughter’s swim suit.

Another girl’s swim wear popular in the market today is Blueberry Sunset Girls, which is a one piece floral suit that comes with a swimming skirt. This is best for swimming anywhere whether at the beach or in swimming pools. It can make your child look lady-like while comfortably playing in the sand or swimming in the beach. It has a lined front and tank style in its back. Generally, the design and style is simple. What makes it stand out from the rest is its comfortability and classic effect on its users.

Blueberry Sunset Girls and Roxy Pacific Princess Tankini – Girls are just two of the thousands of swim wear for little girls. With the booming children swim wear industry, kids need not worry since my experience as a child will never happen to them. They can now swim or go to beach wearing cute swim wears that their favorite Hollywood stars wore.